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2019 Grant Recipients

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Great River Greening and Rondo Center for Diverse Expression receive grant money for their current projects.

SPAAR's REALTORS® Charitable Foundation today granted $100,000 to two community-based organizations for projects that will benefit the greater communities. Charitable Foundation President Amy Peterson and SPAAR President Patti Jo Fitzpatrick addressed the audience.

The organizations, Great River Greening and Rondo Center for Diverse Expression, each received $50,000 for projects that will having a lasting impact.

Kirsten Gulbro of Great River Greening shared how the organization will be restoring multiple acres of bluffs within Lilydale Regional Park that require extensive removal of buckthorn to prevent erosion and make room for native flora. This project aligns nicely with SPAAR in that the Lilydale Regional Park sits within the heart of a robust real estate market and this work is expected to help enhance the area’s real estate value.

Marvin Roger Anderson of Rondo Center for Diverse Expression talked about the revitalization of a building that, when complete, will serve as a museum to preserve Rondo history as well as meeting space for the community. The building in Saint Paul’s Rondo community neighboring the Rondo Commemorative Plaza was purchased in 2018 with financial support from SPAAR.

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